Travel Tips


What about First Aid?

We strongly recommend all passengers to carry a small first aid kit, particularly tablets for fever, headache, cold, cough. Also carry tablets for stomach upset, acidity, nausea, allergy and bandaids in case of injuries. If you are on a regular […]

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What things should I carry?

You should carry the following: Tour Itinerary Invoice Service vouchers (if applicable) Hotel addresses and telephone numbers In case you are going for sightseeing immediately from the airport on arrival, carry a small bag with your camera (batteries to be […]

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What precautions should be taken before I leave?

* Reconfirm the airport terminal, flight number, date and time of travel 1 to 2 days prior to departure. * Make sure you have collected your foreign exchange. * Keeping the traffic condition in mind make sure that you reach […]

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Clothes hanging on the rack

What clothing should I carry?

FAREAST, U.S.A. AND EXOTIC DESTINATIONS A Formal Jacket / Bandgala, Jeans, T-shirts, Cotton shirts, Trousers, Shorts Bermudas, Punjabi dress, swimsuit and formal wear for special dinners. Casual clothing is widely acceptable. In your handbag, carry a light jacket or swe

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Can we carry our own snacks on tour?

You can carry your snacks on tour. However it is not advisable as perishable food items such as pickles, vegetables, pulses, canned dry fish/meat etc. are not allowed. Please remember it is not allowed to eat or drink in the […]

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