What about First Aid?

5th Oct 2013

We strongly recommend all passengers to carry a small first aid kit, particularly tablets for fever, headache, cold, cough. Also carry tablets for stomach upset, acidity, nausea, allergy and bandaids in case of injuries.

If you are on a regular course of medication, we recommend that you bring sufficient supply for your entire holiday, as your doctor’s prescriptions may not always be accepted. However, do remember to carry your physician’s Prescription as you may be asked for it. In some countries medicines cost the earth or are impossible to get without a prescription. Make sure all your drugs are clearly labelled.

Please ask your doctor to specify the actual content of your medicine and not only the registered name, as the same medicine may be available abroad under a different brand name. Since brand names vary from one country to another, it is a good idea to know the generic names of all the medicines that you are carrying with you, in case you run out of supply. Please divide your medications between your luggage and your handbag and take extra in case it gets lost.

If you wear numbered spectacles, we recommend you carry an additional pair of numbered glasses in case of damage / loss to one of them.

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