What clothing should I carry?

16th Apr 2013
Clothes hanging on the rack


  • A Formal Jacket / Bandgala, Jeans, T-shirts, Cotton shirts, Trousers, Shorts Bermudas, Punjabi dress, swimsuit and formal wear for special dinners.
  • Casual clothing is widely acceptable.
  • In your handbag, carry a light jacket or sweater, as evenings in certain countries could get a little chilly
  • Essential / Personal Items Personal Toiletries, a pair of sun glasses, hat, sunscreen lotion / sunblock (UV protection is essential in Australia and New Zealand), alarm clock, comfortable walking shoes, pocket torch, umbrella, universal electric plug pin, video or normal camera, camera rolls or video cassettes, camera batteries and chargers, and an international roaming cellular phone, if necessary.
  • Carry your swimming costumes to be used at water parks / swimming pools.
  • Medicines if required, with prescriptions, with a drug generic name listed, as the brand name would differ from country to country.
  • Please also carry a multi-plug adaptor, as sockets vary in different countries.
  • Carry one piece of luggage per person only. Use a strolley for easy handling as one has to carry one’s own luggage.
  • Bearing in mind the possibility of proceeding on sightseeing directly on arrival, ensure your hand baggage includes one set of clothes, necessary documents like your passport, insurance policy, service vouchers, emergency contact numbers / toiletries, a pair of comfortable walking shoes, camera or videocam (batteries to be removed and kept in the outside pocket of your check-in baggage for easy access), film rolls and medicines, if required, during the day. Also please do not keep any money or valuables in your check – in luggage. Money and valuables should be kept with you on your person or in your hand baggage. In keeping with airline security norms, batteries, scissors, pointed metal objects, liquids, gels, cigarette lighters and match boxes should be packed in your check-in baggage

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